Five Strategic Investment Goals

Projects that are put under consideration to receive ARC funding are judged based on the projects perceived ability to live up to the ARC’s Five Strategic Investment Goals. These goals are:

1. Economic Opportunities
Invest in entrepreneurial and business development strategies that strengthen Appalachia’s economy.

2. Ready Workforce
Increase the education, knowledge, skills, and health of residents to work and succeed in Appalachia.

3. Critical Infrastructure
Invest in critical infrastructure—emphasis on broadband; transportation, including the Appalachian Development Highway System; and water/wastewater systems.

4. Natural and Cultural Assets
Strengthen Appalachia’s community and economic development potential by leveraging the Region’s natural and cultural heritage assets.

5. Leadership and Community Capacity
Build the capacity and skills of current and next-generation leaders and organizations to innovate, collaborate, and advance community and economic development.

To determine project eligibility and inclusion in the region’s project packages, potential applicants should contact:

Dr. Tammy Dulaney, EDA/ARC Program Manager

Jill Foys, Executive Director

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