The Northwest Commission’s Energy Program (PEP) provides expert advice and technical assistance to business/industrial/for-profit clients  as they work towards energy efficiency. Clients will see an energy cost savings by participating in this program. These services are provided by the Commission at no cost to the client:

Technical Assistance: Starting down the path of energy efficiency isn’t always easy; if you have questions regarding energy-related issues please contact the Northwest Commission for answers. Well-rounded energy professionals are available to answer your questions and provide information on available energy-related programs, grants, and loans available to you.

Training Workshops: Is there a topic you want to know more about? Chances are others in your area want to know more too. The energy professionals at the Commission have the resources to organize and plan workshops on various energy related topics. Contact the Northwest Commission today and let us know what energy topics interest you.

Energy Assessments: Northwest Commission staff with professional certifications use established procedures (such as blower door testing and infrared imaging) to evaluate your building’s performance. Our on-site assessments identify valuable physical and behavioral recommendations that when implemented improve energy efficiency throughout your building(s) and save your organization money.

Utility Bill Analysis (UBA): The first step in managing energy use at your facility is to determine how much energy is being consumed. The UBA benchmarks and evaluates energy use at your facility and can often reveal billing anomalies and patterns that are raising your energy costs. The UBA tool is also useful in tracking savings from previously implemented energy efficiency upgrades. Allow your Local Development District to take the legwork out of this process by graphing and analyzing your data for you.

Bulk Purchase Consortium: Everyone likes a bargain! The Northwest Commission often assists in organizing bulk purchases for energy efficient equipment. Past consortiums successfully bargained for up to 25% savings over CoStars pricing on equipment such as LED traffic signals, pedestrian signals, and exit sign lighting. Contact the Commission today for information on how you can participate.

The program will also provide information pertaining to best practices and funding for such energy efficiency projects.


For additional information  please contact:

Vicky Sabella
Senior Fiscal Director  

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