Current LTAP Class Schedule

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Erosion & Sedimentation Control
July 30, 2024   |   8:00 am - Noon   |   Clarion Township Building   |   17382 Rt. 322, Strattanville      

The course will educate municipal employees on the importance of erosion and sedimentation control, including the importance of post construction stormwater management. It will review erosion and sedimentation and the control measures. The installation procedures and examples of the measures will be described. The municipality’s role in monitoring post construction stormwater management will be discussed. The steps on developing your own erosion and sediment plan will be reviewed. 

Intended Audience: Individuals who are performing maintenance or construction on or near municipal roadways or bridges, and employees responsible for MS4 E&S and PCSM inspections, including: roadmasters, crew foremen, equipment operators and laborers. Others who would benefit from this course include: municipal managers and elected officials to understand the importance and for budgeting purposes.

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Trucks on Local Roads: Issues and Solutions
October 2, 2024   |    8:00 am - Noon   |   Youngsville Municipal Building   |   40 Railroad Street, Youngsville   
October 3, 2024   |    8:00 am - Noon   |  Vernon Township Municipal Building   |   16678 McMath Avenue, Meadville

Truck traffic on local roads is a difficult balancing act for many municipalities in Pennsylvania. While trucks need access to pick-up and deliver the goods that are necessary for everyday life and the economy, many local roads are not suitable for truck travel. Furthermore, recent changes to State Law in Act 31 of 2018 add more complications. This class will: 
 - Review current state laws and regulations on truck access and restrictions. 
 - Discuss the traffic study requirements and options for restricting truck traffic. 
 - Examine real local truck traffic issues, problems, and solutions. 
 - Explore planning approaches for trucks, including land use, the roadway network, and ordinances. 

Audience: All municipal employees involved with trucks on the local roads. While the primary audience is road crews and roadmasters, everyone involved with trucks in the municipality should attend, including public works employees, street superintendents, elected officials, law enforcement personnel, municipal managers, office staff, and engineers.

American Disabilities Act (ADA) Transitions Plan and Self Evaluations
October 4, 2024   |   8:00 am - Noon   |   Training & Workforce Development Center at LindenPointe   |   3050 Prosperity Place, Hermitage

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all public entities to have a transition plan or self-evaluation in place. The purpose of the plan is to identify existing barriers to access for programs, services, and facilities in the public right-of-way and how the municipality will mitigate those barriers. This course will provide municipalities with the background information and tools necessary to create an ADA-compliant transition plan or self-evaluation. The plan is a valuable tool to improve accessibility, program future activities, create reasonable priorities, and ward off litigation. 
The course objectives are: • Review the ADA laws and regulations for transition plans/self evaluations.  •    Examine the components of an ADA transition plan/self evaluation.  • Develop the ability to create a transition plans/self evaluation through workshops and exercises
The course will be helpful to officials responsible for complying with the ADA, developing a plan, inspecting facilities, and creating ADA-compliant documents and procedures. 
Intended Audience:
This course is intended for local government officials responsible for complying with the ADA. This includes municipal managers, elected officials, ADA coordinators, public works directors, roadmasters, and code enforcement officers.

Winter Maintenance Planning
October 11, 2024   |   8:00 am - Noon   |   Summit Township Municipal Building   |   1230 Townhall Road West, Erie
October 16, 2024   |   8:00 am - Noon   |   Vernon Township Municipal Building   |   16678 McMath Avenue, Meadville

Winter storm conditions can disrupt the daily lives of our citizens such that wintery road conditions can slow travel leading to delays, accidents, property damage and even human injury. The cost of maintaining snow- and ice-covered roadways continues to rise while the expectations of the traveling public for safe and passable roads increase.  This combination of winter storm conditions, rising motorist expectations, and the cost of providing a higher level of winter roadway services creates increased challenges for municipal road crews.
This course covers the planning and preparation aspects of a year-around comprehensive winter maintenance operation. Topics will include planning, budgeting, work force training, equipment preparation, material procurement strategies, and public relations for winter operations.
Intended Audience: Individuals who are involved with planning and managing winter maintenance operations including: supervisors, managers, directors, road masters, and other municipal staff involved with winter maintenance planning.