ARC Strategic Investment Goals

Projects that are put under consideration to receive ARC funding are judged based on the projects perceived ability to live up to the ARC’s Five Strategic Investment Goals. These goals are:

  1. Building Appalachian Businesses
    Strengthen and diversify the Region’s economy through inclusive economic development strategies and investments in entrepreneurship and business development.
  1. Building Appalachia's Workforce Ecosystem
    Expand and strengthen community systems (education, healthcare, housing, childcare, and others) that help Appalachians obtain a job, stay on the job, and advance along a financially sustaining career pathway.
  1. Building Appalachia's Infrastructure
    Ensure that the residents and businesses of Appalachia have access to reliable, affordable, resilient, and energy efficient utilities and infrastructure in order to successfully live and work in the Region.
  1. Building Regional Culture & Tourism
    Strengthen Appalachia’s community and economic development potential by preserving and investing in the Region’s local, cultural heritage, and natural assets.
  1. Building Community Leaders & Capacity
    Invest in the capacity of local leaders, organizations, and communities to address local challenges by providing technical assistance and support to access resources, engage partners, identify strategies and tactics, and conduct effective planning and project execution.

Within the scope of ARC’s Strategic Plan, ARC’s Area Development program makes investments in two general areas: critical infrastructure and business and workforce development. Critical infrastructure investments mainly include water and wastewater systems, transportation networks, broadband, and other projects anchoring regional economic development. Business and workforce investments primarily focus on entrepreneurship, worker training and education, food systems, leadership, and other human capital development.

ARC Project Guidelines:

To determine project eligibility and inclusion in the region's project packages, potential applicants should contact:

Dr. Tammy Dulaney
EDA/ARC Program Manager
814.677.4800 ext. 118