“Gannon welcomes international students from all over the world, from different cultures, religions and languages.  This is true to the core of our Mission and Strategic Planning and perfectly aligned with the efforts of The Northwestern Commission and Pennsylvania Trade Offices in their pursuit to link Northwestern Pennsylvania to the world.  Gannon and the Erie region benefit greatly from global visitors every year, enriching our experience in education and professional development.  Any facilitation that provides ample access to this global exchange is an opportunity for a positive experience that will make our world a better place to live, fostering peace and understanding among the world’s citizens.  NWC’s “Bringing the World to PA” event has accomplished this global facilitation, serving as a valuable resource for those wishing to broaden their reach.”  – Daniel Cabanillas, Gannon University Director of the Office of Global Admissions and Outreach in the Division of Global Enrollment and Engagement

“We are thankful that we have a wonderful Commonwealth that has the foresight to invest in the Northwest Commission and the Foreign Trade Offices with World Trade PA funding to help Pennsylvania companies grow their businesses in the global market place.   Without the reassurance and resourcefulness of these agencies it would be difficult for a small company like ours to ever think about foreign business travel.   Kudos to the staff at the Northwest Commission and the Commonwealth’s Foreign Trade Offices.”  – Steve Jones, Ron Jones Hardwood Sales | Union City & Franklin

“When I arrived in India, I was very pleasantly surprised that every detail had been dealt with.  This attention to the small details made everything simple.  There were absolutely no issues with the hotel, the transportation and drivers in both Bangalore and Delhi and the midweek flight between the two cities.  Both Sushama and Supriya Kanetkar were always ready with an answer should a question arise.  I feel that our trade mission to India was a very positive experience and I will be utilizing the PA Authorized Trade Representatives on a regular basis in the future.  If there is a trade mission to a country I need, my name will be the first on the list.”  – David Huddleston, Intl. Sales Development Manager, Forta Corporation | Grove City