Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)

The Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) is a program that is based on the premise that new technologies and procedures developed at the state and federal level should be transferred to local municipal officials and employees at little or no cost for the purpose of improving the overall transportation.

Workshop training is conducted at various locations in northwest Pennsylvania. Workshops are hand-on technical assistance events that can be scheduled by any municipality or group of municipalities on a diverse range of road and street maintenance or safety issues. Workshops are tailored to the area, specific road conditions and audience needs.

Road Scholar I and II Training
A “Road Scholar” program, developed through PennDOT LTAP is a core grouping of training courses that can provide a solid foundation for new local government employees on the basics of maintenance and traffic safety.

For Roads Scholar I:

  • Complete 10 approved Roads Scholar I courses within a three-year period
  • Pass (70% or higher) an in-class quiz taken at the end of each course

For Roads Scholar II:

  • Complete 8 approved Roads Scholar II courses within a three-year period
  • Pass (70% or higher) an in-class quiz taken at the end of each course

Technical Assistance
LTAP Engineers are available by phone, email, and in person to help municipalities troubleshoot specific maintenance and safety problems on their roadways.

Newsletters and Technical Information Sheets
The PennDOT LTAP newsletter is distributed twice a year to at least one contact in each PA municipality as well as the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) officials, metropolitan and rural planning organizations, and other LTAP centers. The newsletter covers new programs, practices, technologies, legislation, reminders, and money-saving tips applicable to municipal maintenance and safety efforts.

LTAP is coordinated in northwest Pennsylvania by the Northwest Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). Visit the LTAP website at: www.ltap.state.pa.us

LTAP Course Descriptions

2018 Spring Schedule

More information & registration may be done through the LTAP website.

For more information regarding LTAP, please contact:

Mitchell Obenrader
Marketing/Project Specialist
P: 814.677.4800 x131
F: 814.677.7663